About Me...

I am an abstract expressionist artist inspired by interior design, fashion, graphic design, and the colors and textures in the world around me. Art has always fascinated me, and I have consistently had a desire to create! This began in elementary school and continued throughout my life.

I studied art in high school and cultivated it further in college, ultimately earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design.  Upon graduation, I worked as a Graphic Designer for 5 years, and then pursued another passion, to educate children.  I taught for 16 years and then I took a year off from teaching, as I worked as the graphic designer and the marketing and social media manager for a start-up clothing company.  This experience reawakened my creative side and a desire to continue on my artistic journey.  I returned to the school system and was able to combine my love of art with educating children, by now serving as a Talented Visual Arts educator for the Rapides Parish school system.  I am passionately focused on growing the love of art for our next generation of artists.  

A Glimpse in my Studio

In between being a wife, a mother to 3, and working my full-time job as an art educator, I find time to create in the evenings and on the weekends in my home studio and in my studio at River Oaks Arts Center. 

In my studio, you can find me blaring french jazz music, with my brush in hand and dancing around the room while I paint or you can find me using clay to hand mold botanicals, birds, shells, aquatic life and other things that are found in nature.   I love all the earthy colors. Blues, greens, grays, and muted pinks are some of my favorite colors to incorporate into each piece.  I explore delicate layering of these colors and work with a myriad of unsuspecting tools to create luxurious textures.  Oftentimes I see composition and patterns on simple things in the world around me that I incorporate through complex and delicate patterns onto my canvas.  I feel keen observation, spontaneity, and intuition are key factors to my creative process.

The Joy of Living an Artful Life

If I have learned one thing about life from being an artist, it is that you must collect moments of pure bliss along the way to fill your cup of inspiration.  Each of my pieces is thoughtfully created using the elements of art and principles of design, but they also carry notes of…

-watching a cotton candy sunset while you cook a lovely meal

-admiring the shadow of a plant dancing on my patio wall from the warm summer sun

-feeling the late evening breeze on a walk

-sitting in the rose garden enjoying heartfelt conversation with your friends

-watching the fireflies dance in the night. 

These are all things that fuel my art and inspire the pieces I create.  Not only does painting come from mixing paint and your practice in the studio, but also from a love and pure enjoyment of life. 

There is a poem by Roman emperor Marc-Aurele that I have come to love and it really represents my artistic journey. 

"When you wake up in the morning, remember how precious is the privilege of living, breathing and being happy."  Wise words to live by!

Complex & Intricate - art that brings elegance & beauty

"Keen observation, spontaneity and intuition are key factors to my creative process."

Infusing layers and textures inspired by nature, travel, and interior design

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